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Sherman Oaks Bankruptcy Attorney

Maybe you’re facing the most difficult times in your life. You’re buried under the bills you owe.

Debt collectors are threatening to take a large bite out of your weekly paycheck.

You fear that your possessions will be taken away from you, and your car will be impounded.

You’re terrified that you’ll lose your home and end up on the street.

You worry that creditors will drain your bank account any day now.

You need:

    • A home to live in


    • Money to pay expenses


    • A car, to travel to your job


    • Your possessions, so you can lead a normal life


Your nerves are on edge, as you receive call after call from bill collectors who hound you morning, noon and night. You live in constant fear that the things you need to live a decent life – a home, car, income and savings – will soon be gone.

Don’t stand by and let these things be taken away from you!

A reliable, experienced Sherman Oaks bankrutpcy attorney can make all the difference between financial disaster and a fresh start.

Sherman Oaks Bankruptcy Attorney Rob R. Nichols is experienced in handling crushing debt. He can help you keep what is yours!

Experience is a must!

Don’t accept cut-rate help from inexperienced lawyers who don’t have a thorough knowledge of the laws that can protect you. The outcome could be disastrous!

So much is at stake – don’t you want the best possible help available? You need Sherman Oaks Bankruptcy Attorney Rob R. Nichols.

Don’t put it off for another minute!

Get help from an experienced, highly qualified bankruptcy attorney. As soon as you pick up the phone you’re taking the first step toward solving your debt problems.

Affordable Fee and Payments Available!

Make the call that will turn your life around. Contact Sherman Oaks Bankruptcy Attorney Rob R. Nichols.

Call now, at 818-914-4741

It will be the start of a brand new day!