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You should bring your last two years’ tax returns (or all income information if you don’t have them); all income information for the current year; a list of creditors and approximate amounts owed; any lawsuits in which you have been involved in the previous year.

What Important Questions Should I Ask My Van Nuys Attorney At My First Bankruptcy Case Meeting?

Experience is very important. Ask the attorney about his or her experience. Since every case is different the questions you ask will be different. Most people are concerned about what property they can keep and whether it will be taken by the bankruptcy trustee. You should write out a list of questions for the attorney.

What Should I Do Prior To Filing For Bankruptcy In Sherman Oaks, California?

Since every case is different it is difficult to give a global answer. At the very least, do not incur any new debt, and do not transfer assets to someone else so that it’s no longer in your name.

Should I Pay Back Any Creditors Or Friends/Family If I Can Before Filing Bankruptcy?

It depends on the creditor, the type of debt, when you incurred the debt, and what you incurred the debt for. Do not repay friends or family or business partners without first consulting an attorney and following their advice.

Can I Use Any Credit Prior To Filing Bankruptcy In California?

For the most part, you should not incur new debt if you anticipate filing bankruptcy. There are exceptions, of course, such as unexpected medical bills. Also, you may wish to secure a car loan so as to have a car during and after a bankruptcy since it will be much more difficult once you’ve filed.

What Are The Next Steps Following My First Meeting With My Reseda Bankruptcy Attorney?

Once you have decided to hire an attorney you will need to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about yourself and your assets, debts; income & expenses, and other matters. You will also have to provide tax returns, pay stubs or other income information, a credit report, and other documents as necessary for your particular case.

Once I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Reseda, California What Happens Next?

The court will assign a date for you and your attorney to attend a creditors meeting. You will also have to take an online credit counseling course and, if you have a car loan, you may have to complete a reaffirmation agreement. Chapter 13 cases have many more requirements.

What Mandatory Classes Will I Need To Complete For My Bankruptcy In CA?

You must take one credit counseling course before filing your bankruptcy, and one afterward. They are both available online.

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