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Approximately 30 to 40 days after the date of the filing of your bankruptcy case.

How Long Should I Expect The Bankruptcy Process To Take In California?

For most chapter 7 cases, approximately four months; longer if there are issues to address and resolve. Chapter 13 cases take from three to five years to complete.

What Can I Do To Help My Sherman Oaks Bankruptcy Attorney To Help My Bankruptcy Case?

The most important thing is to be as forthright, complete and truthful as possible. Make yourself available by phone and/or email to respond to your attorney’s questions.

What Criteria Should I Look For To Ensure I Am Hiring The Best Bankruptcy Attorney For Me?

Again, experience matters. You should ask the attorney about his or her experience, and how long they have been practicing bankruptcy. You should also have access to the attorney, not just an assistant. And it is imperative you not just shop for the lowest price. Presumably, you are seeking good, competent legal representation. Incompetent representation can have very bad results that can ruin some people’s lives. This is not the time to cheap out.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Bankruptcy Law In Sherman Oaks?

I have been practicing bankruptcy law for 18 years.

What Are The Common Reasons You See People In Woodland Hills Having To File Bankruptcy?

There are many factors that can drive people into bankruptcy. Some of the most common are the result of a traumatic event such as loss of a job or business, divorce, or death of a spouse.

What Information Will A Bankruptcy Attorney Need From Me To Asses My Situation?

At your first meeting you should bring your last two years’ tax returns (or all income information if you don’t have them); all income information for the current year; a list of creditors and approximate amounts owed; any lawsuits in which you have been involved in the previous year.

How Will I Know If A Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Right For Me?

A good attorney should be able to advise about that. It depends on a combination of your unique mix of assets, debts and income and requires careful analysis. Beware of attorneys who try pushing you into a chapter 13 when it isn’t necessary just so the attorney can get a bigger fee.

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