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Yes you can. The type of bankruptcy and the amount of time between each bankruptcy is what matters. If you file a chapter 7 you cannot received a discharge in a second chapter 7 until 8 years after the date the first one was filed. Timelines are different (and shorter) if one of the bankruptcies is a chapter 13.

Can I Still Qualify For Either Chapter 7 Or 13 In A Second Bankruptcy In Van Nuys?


Does It Matter Which Type Of Bankruptcy I Filed The First Time In My 2nd Bankruptcy?

It does not matter which chapter you filed the first time but your waiting period for filing a second one will be determined by the type of bankruptcy you filed the first time.

What Criteria Must I Meet In Order To Be Eligible And Complete A Successful 2nd Bankruptcy?

It’s basically the same as the first one so long as you’ve waited the necessary amount of time.

Will It Be Harder To File A Second Bankruptcy In Sherman Oaks, CA?

Every bankruptcy filing is different and will depend on your unique circumstances at the time of filing.

What Criteria Do You Review To Determine If A Second Bankruptcy Is Appropriate For Your Client?

Pretty much the same as a first bankruptcy depending on what the client is attempting to achieve. Every case is different.

Should My Spouse File Bankruptcy If It’s Too Early For Me To Get A Discharge In A Second Case?

That depends on many factors in your unique case.

I Just Finished A Chapter 13 Case In Sherman Oaks, CA, But I Got Behind On My Taxes And Child Support. Can I File Another Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you just finished a chapter 13 case your taxes should have been paid and you should not be behind. If you got behind just in the most recent year or two bankruptcy may not be an option for you and you may have to make payment arrangements with the IRS or other taxing authorities.

Can I File A Second Case If My Spouse Is Currently In Bankruptcy In Reseda, CA?

Yes, with some limitations.

Will The Automatic Stay Apply In A Second Bankruptcy In Reseda, CA?

The short answer is yes but whether it lasts throughout your entire bankruptcy depends on when you filed your first bankruptcy and whether you received a discharge in that case.

What If You Didn’t Receive A Discharge In Your First Bankruptcy Case In Woodland Hills, CA?

What matters is why you did not receive a discharge.

I Already Successfully Completed A First Bankruptcy In Reseda. Surely, I Can Do A Second On My Own. Why Do I Need To Hire An Attorney Again?

Do not fool yourself, and especially do not fall into the trap of using a low cost or cheap attorney or paralegal service. Bankruptcy is not just a matter of filling out forms, and your second case may be very different from your first. There are plenty of potential traps for those who do not know what they’re doing, which can cause you big trouble and, in a few cases, even criminal trouble by making errors you did not understand you were making. Experience matters when navigating the waters of bankruptcy. This is not the time to cheap out.

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